Organize all your deliveries easily online
and get the carrier of your choice to pick up your freight.

You can immediately compare price, quality and availability.
This way you always make the right choice – fast and efficient.

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Why choose Collibox?

pakket The complete solution for all your freight:
pallets, parcels, documents or bundles
vrachtvervoer Trusted carriers:
compare and book them fast and simple via 1 website
vergelijken Personalized service:
you select based on price, service level or quality
express dienst Save time and effort:
simple and optimalized user experience and processes
track and trace Keep the overview:
all your freight details and tracking information accessible in one place
goedkoop Bundled invoices:
one invoice from Collibox instead of multiple invoices from multiple carriers
prijs inzicht No strings attached:
no contractual obligations with any carrier and no surprises afterwards
transport kosten Competitive prices:
a good price-quality ratio through joint acquisition

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Organize all your deliveries online –in three simple steps
In three simple steps you can organize the perfect match to get all your documents, pallets, parcels and bundels delivered
Input your request details
pakketten   STEP 2:
Compare and choose the best matching carriers
pakketpost versturen   STEP 3:
Get your freight picked up at the adress of your choice
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Find our more about how easily you can organize all your deliveries with Colliboxkunt