The story behind Collibox

The idea for founding Collibox is born from within my practice as an entrepeneur and logistics manager, where I realized that organizing freight operations can be a frustrating and time intensive thing. Not to mention all the administrative paper work that goes with it.

I thought that there must be a solution to do my job, but in a much better, faster, easier and last but not least more satisfiying way. That’s how I started to develop Collibox.

My main motivation was to create a system that helped me to quickly and easily find the right trusted carrier for each of my freight requirements. I wanted to have easy access and transparency about prices, service levels and quality in real time. Also, I wanted an end- to-end process that provided all the admistration in one place.

I also wanted competitive conditions without any contractual obligations.

Collibox has integrated all these ingredients and we are relentlessly devloping the service further to meet customer need even better.

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Reynoud Foppen

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